Incense Holder BUDA | Ceramic sticks holder

Ceramic and wood incense holder. ,

Material: ceramic
Color :  black and white  ,
Dimensions: L 15,5 cm, W 7 cm, H 6 cm,

The oval ceramic incense holder is a practical and elegant accessory for burning incense sticks. Made from high quality ceramic, it is a durable and heat resistant, making it perfect for everyday use.
The oval shape of the incense holder is sleek and modern, with soft lines that complement any decor style. It can hold up to three sticks at a time, so you can enjoy the perfume and adjust the intensity. 

The incense holder is easy to use: just place the incense sticks in the holes provided, light the ends and you are done.

Wether you're incense lover, a meditator, or just looking for a decorative item, this ceramic product is a perfect choice for adding a touch of serenity and fragrance to your home

This product is sold without the sticks.
  • 38.50€
Product Code: ANDBUDA-Black
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How to use your product : Just place 3 incense sticks in the wooden holes, then light the sticks. The scent will rapidly perfume your space. Sold without sticks.
Production : The appearance of each incense holder may slightly vary due to the handiwork. Therefore each item is individual and unique.