Gardenia du Laos | Perfume diffuser wood and white ceramic

Ceramic flower to be perfumed with an essential oil or a perfume concentrate,

 Material: Acacia wood and white ceramic flower,
Diameter: 7 cm,
 Height 6 cm,

Gardenia du Laos is a capillary diffuser. Entirely hand made, it is a unique piece on which you add a few drops of perfume or essential oil. As a flower draws water through its stem, this perfume diffuser is impregnated with the scent poured on its petals, then the perfume escapes gently and flies into the air of the room. Ecological and beautiful, this product perfumes your space in a natural and non-toxic way.

All the diffusers are handmade, with love and passion for a unique result! Ideal for your office or living room.

Other colors are possible. Discover on our website all our fragrances.

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How to take care of your product : To dust off your aromatic diffuser, we suggest you to use a feather duster or a soft and clean brush.
How to use your product : Just add 2-3 drops of the essential oil onto the flower and put in your room. Let it refresh the space and feel the scent you like. You can refresh again and again after scent gone without changing the color of the flower. This article has been fully handmade produced. The brand warrants its authenticity and the exclusive quality of a real product "handicraft".