Mandarin des thés | Spray for fragrance diffuser | 5ml

Fragrance: Mandarin des Thés.

 Fragrance concentrate spray to be sprayed on our ceramic perfume diffusers,
Glass bottle with silver cap,
 Holding capacity : 5 ml 

A fresh perfume base on delicate fruits and green tea combination. Enjoy the ZEN atmosphere!

An enveloping fragrance is present throughout the house in a few sprays. Easy to use, our atomizers enhance your space with a delicate sensation. A ritual of well-being! 

Helpful hints:
- Refresh the sprays every 3 days
- If you put 3 " pschitt " every 3 days, the bottle will be used for one month

  • 7.50€
Product Code: ANPP6S
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Attention : Keep out of reach children. Keep (preserve) away from any flame or sources of sparks. Do not vaporize towards a flame nor a source of sparks as well as towards trendy electric equipments. Preserve the environment. Contains ingredients that might cause irritation if direct contact with the skin. Ingredients: Alcohol Denat 80% vol. Water. Perfume (Fragrance).
How to use your product : 3 sprays directly on your ceramic diffuser. You can refresh every 3 days.