Perfume diffusor - Pyram Green

Ceramic perfume burner with wooden feet. Green color interior.
This fragrance diffuser allows you to melt scented wax pellets and thus spread a fragrance in the room.

How to use: place a square of scented wax in the upper part of the burner, then be able to light a candle in the lower part. After a few minutes the wax melts and diffuses its fragrance in the house.
Material: matt white ceramic on the outside, green enamel interior. Natural wood legs.

Dimensions: height 13.5 cm, diameter 10 cm.

Packaging: bubble wrap and individual cardboard box.

This product is used with a scented wax melter (not supplied), and a tea-light candles (not included).
This item is available in several colors (see our other product sheets).

  • 31.73€
Product Code: PYRAM - GREEN