Mystère Boisé | Scented Candle | 180grs | Black lacquered glass

Fragrance: Mystère Boisé.     

 French perfume made in Grasse,
 Cotton wick,
 Soy wax,
 White lacquered glass,

 Burning time: about 40 hours,
 Total weight: 450 grs

Mystère Boisé is a fragrance with natural scents. A fresh and refined accord of fern allied with fine spices aroma. 

To make the most of your candle, leave it on for at least 1 hour each time to liquefy the surface wax. 

Made in a traditional way, in France, our candles are elements of decoration that enhance your space. Made from selected materials, perfumes blend into your interior while respecting your personality and your mood. They diffuse a soft and intimate light while exhaling their perfume. The high quality waxes ensure a slow and regular burning for about 40 hours. Let yourself be seduced by their elegant design and their captivating scents!

All our candles are guaranteed of high quality.

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Product Code: ANPB2N
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Attention : - Do not leave unattended or within the reach of children. - Ne pas laisser une bougie sans surveillance, toujours éteindre votre bougie avant de quitter une pièce ou d’aller se coucher. - Eloignez votre bougie allumée des objets inflammables. - Ne pas placer votre bougie parfumée allumée sur une étagère. - Disposez votre bougie à l’abri des courants d’air pour prévenir tout risque d’incendie. - Placez votre bougie sur un support bien plat.
How to use your product : - Cut the wick with 1/4 of inch before every use - Do not leave your candle burning more than 3 hours. - Regularly clean the inside of the glass to prevent the formation of soot.