Our engagement

At Anoq we are involved in doing our bit for charity and enjoy giving back to the community wherever we can. From 2018, and each year after, we will focus on carefully select charities and will support them with a host of different activities and events.

- 2018: On June 30, 2018 we chose to support Friendship Sharing. The Rotary Club of Roubaix organized a sports competition at the Golf du Sart for the benefit of Amitié Partage, and Anoq sponsored the event. The challenge was raised and the operation was a great success for everyone. We are proud to have been able to help the Rotary Club and Friendship Sharing!

- 2019: This year again, our choice fell on Friendship Sharing with an organized action for the literacy of adults in difficulty. On July 6th, a golf competition is organized to raise funds for this cause. We are sponsors of this exceptional event!

- 2020 : Unfortunately, Covid 19 modified the perspective of the year and we did not get the opportunity to help a charity.