Lili Café- Home perfume diffuser

Scent diffuser in ceramic with porcelain flower.

Round shape ceramic base in which you pour 100 ml home perfume. 

Waterlily flower with cotton wick to be immerse in the tank.

Contenance : 100 ml ()

Color: dark brown vase , white porcelain flower.

Dimensions : diam 12,5 cm, height 6 cm

  • 41.50€
Product Code: ANDLIL- Cafe
#ceramic, #porcleian, #diffuser, #perfume, #flower
How to use your product : Pour 100 ml fragrance in the ceramic vase, then put the flower on top of the vase. Take are to immerse the cotton wick in the tank. Refill once a month. You can change the scent. First rince the tank, then pour the new home perfume.