Candle holders Gold | 3 pieces gold and white cups

Decorative candle holders

 Material : ceramic, clay, clay
    - outside matte white 
    - inside gold color paint

 Shape: irregular round bowl
 Diametre: 8 cm
 Height: 5 cm

Place your tea light in the center of the cup, then light them. In a few minutes, your candle holder will illuminate your room in a soft and warm ambiance. The gold contained in the interior painting  is powerful to diffuse a very particular luminosity which will embellish your space and make it very cozy. The irregular shape of each cup gives a unique and original style to the this set of 3 pieces.  Ideal as a candle holder, they can also be used to keep your jewels and precuts belongings.

Exists also in other colors :  grey and pearly white

  • 45.00€
Product Code: ANDPH4
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How to use your product : - Clean with a dry cloth - Do not use abrasive products - Handle the lid carefully as the ceramic flower is fragile